MINECRAFT (Zero Punctuation)

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Minecraft.

Fast-talking Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw reviews a new game each week in this animated series that combines informed critique with cutting humor. Watch the next episode of Zero Punctuation a week early, only on The Escapist.

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  • Randy Johnson

    well to be fair creative mode actually makes it more like those other tools

  • Zander Wright

    The creepers looked liked a 8-

  • Viktor Kock Appelgren

    I just had to stop the video to laugh out loud at Jimi hendrix and KKK + coal!

  • Dyno

    Probably one of the best episodes of Zero Punctuation.

  • SansThe Skelebro

    It's called zero punctuation. I HEARD A BILLION COMMAS. That are as long as periods

  • Paul Noonan

    Have you played Minecraft recently? If not, there's been quite a bit added in since this video.

  • joshua

    shout outs new zealand !

  • thestig DMC

    It's called a FUCKING ART STYLE

  • Televised Water Polo

    It's so surreal that one of the most unreasonably criticized games was reasonably criticized by Yahtzee, a guy who's whole shtick is unreasonably nitpicky criticism.

  • Sofia Addams

    yeah =.= a tutorial would've been helpful instead of clunking around like "what do i do?!"

  • Merritt Animation

    The Fisher-Price Shoggoth toy line was only slightly less successful than the Yog-Sothoth line

  • APEX Network

    I remember buying Minecraft after watching this

  • proudblackjynx

    just watched this and it's far more entertaining than the actual game.

  • Liam Zhang

    Finally subscribed to your nonsense.Tell your ex-girlfrined to bugger off.She's also a nazi when it comes to servers.Always stealing my resources to build her brutalistic bullshit.

  • He'sUsingACamera

    1:13 as someone who lives in glasgow that is really funny

  • KiesKo Enterprises

    Remember when Minecraft was good?I remember. Ohh, I remember.

  • cfy\ cxddff

    Hello, help, money is very necessary. As long as it can, even 1 cent can play a big role. My card number is 5106216020942011.number of the phone is 89175105607. I will be happy with any help. Let you be lucky in everything

  • Halskitchen

    Huh, you live in Brisbane? I thought you lived in Britain XD

  • Gustav The Mad

    Remember when Minecraft was a fun little sandbox game rather than a cesspool of hackers and 12 year olds?


    4:15And then creative mode happened

  • RevolOsh

    I feel that the people saying the community is toxic are looking in the wrong places. If you want to find a nice community on the servers, you have to look in the rinkydink tiny servers run by a guy using duct tape and floss to hold the whole thing together while only five or so people play on it to begin with. It's those kinds of places that hold some of the nicest people I've ever met in a gaming community.

  • Evi1M4chine

    How you’re supposed to figure all this out? IT’S CALLED THINKING FOR YOURSELF!I know, this is practically illegal in this day and age of walking USB sticks who couldn’t not passive-think if their lives drone existences would depend on this, but it is the entire fucking point of the game!And if you don’t enjoy that, you are officially not a life-form, but a tool. In the literal sense. Not even a limb. A “tool of dead”.


    dat video quality tho. 240p is lit XD

  • Seb

    I spent 19 years in brisbane :) Missed opportunity to meetcha

  • Read more

    Can you believe they've added parrots

  • Jolly vids

    who here knows the goodies

  • Corey Garris

    Damn you, Yahtzee. You've simultaneously got me watching your entire zp series and inspiring countless neckbeards to try being clever for the first time in their lives.

  • Dmitriy Lebedev

    I find it funny that Minecraft started out with adult male nerd demographic, but then turned out to be heroin for kids. And now it's so deeply associated with kids that it's almost embarrassing to play if you are over 12.So to have a meaningful and pleasant experience you have to dig a hole in the ground and put a private server there. Surround the whole thing with cobblestone walls, pits of lava and homework to prevent little pests from joining.Don't get me wrong. I love kids. I have nine in my basement. Har Har.

  • leklo375

    Yhatzee lives in queensland? IIIIIM COMING DADDDYYYY I BE GHERE IN 4 hours plis macdonadls

  • Justin Kim

    "Enough coal to black up the entire Klu Klux Klan"- Yahtzee 2011

  • CarbonSnake

    Hey guys! CarbonSnake here...hope you guys stop by my channel! I'm just getting started. Thanks

  • Bobo Magroto

    Don't keep up with the news about the Brisbane floods? thats okay, you'll get in again every five bloody minutes, I know I did and I'm in North Queensland. and we need to go on about it,Hell even Debbie this year >> Mid Queensland got hit, there was a minimum effort, Brisbane got hit... HOLY SHIT! WE MUST HELP ALL THOSE PEOPLE! "What about the other affected areas that got hit first?" FUCK THEM, BRISBANE RIVER ROSE A INCH AND THEY HAD MORE THEN FIVE MINUTES OF RAIN! THIS IS A DISASTER!

  • Sandy Christie

    You go to Glasgow to get a deep fried mars bar. The ultimate drug.

  • TheRealZen00

    Plan on re-reviewing this now that it's had a lot of maturing time?

  • Benjamin Fuller

    It's always the games with some sort of controversy regarding fanbase or otherwise that Yahtzee enjoys

  • Tony Beattie

    The funny thing is once the game came out on consoles, they added a tutorial. Maybe they saw this video!

  • Bobby Phillips

    Note identification mortgage ritual German.

  • Gabriel Larena

    Is 2017 and minecraft still is kind of an alpha

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